Martial Arts For Children in Yorba Linda, CA

At United Studios of Self Defense - Yorba Linda, we believe that everyone should have, at the very least, the most basic of self defense skills. More than just a means of protecting one's self, self defense classes provide a well rounded exercise routine and can give your child a strong sense of self confidence.

As parents ourselves, we understand that childhood can be a tumultuous time in life.  Between peer pressures, bullying and the natural trials of growing up, kids can have it pretty tough these days.  There are too many stories in the news and in our community about kids being bullied socially, emotionally and physically - sometimes leading to hospitalization and even death. That's why at United Studios of Self Defense - Yorba Linda we have devoted ourselves to teaching kids self defense.  We believe it's best to teach young people to protect themselves at an early age, so that the ability to defend one's self, and the natural confidence that the martial arts teaches, comes naturally to them.

Our highly trained instructors understand that material taught in self defense classes can be used to hurt people. That's why United Studios of Self Defense - Yorba Linda's instructors take a more hands-on, nurturing approach to teaching. We emphasize defense as merely that: defense, never to be used against another person unless that person threatens physical harm to them.

United Studios of Self Defense - Yorba Linda's well rounded kids program draws from a variety of martial arts disciplines - Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing -  and basic common sense street smarts. We want our students to understand that good self defense includes more than physical skill. Our program also emphasizes discipline, restraint, tolerance and respect.

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Why Choose Us?

  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Programs are All-Inclusive; Unlimited Group Classes, Weapons, Sparring, Jiu-Jitsu
  • Family Owned and Operated, Promoting a Family Friendly Environment